Cassidy McAuliffe - Headshot.jpg

Cassidy McAuliffe

I’m a 25-year-old photographer and filmmaker in Sudbury, Ontario.

Growing up on the outskirts of Sudbury in a small town called Whitefish, I spent a lot of time outdoors and going camp. I was naturally drawn to all things environmental and after picking up a camera, I had found where I thrived; the intersection of environment and visual communication.

I took environmental studies in my undergrad, completed a post-grad program called Environmental Visual Communication, and most recently completed my Masters in Science Communication. Currently, I am a Communication Specialist at a small environmental not-for-profit called reThink Green in Sudbury, doing exactly what I love.

Outside of my 9-5 I’m a visual artist who uses photography and video to capture and express the feeling of being with the lakes and land of northern Ontario. I also do this in collaboration with my sister, through a small lino-print business we have called Woodland Sisters.